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This blog is for showing the goods gotten for free (or really cheap) using coupons that were provided by friends and family. These goods are then distributed to people in our community to whom I feel God has called me to serve for one reason or another. I am not a writer of any sort, a super couponer, or a very good blogger. I am just a child of God trying to follow what I believe He has called me to do. Whatever God has put on my heart on a certain day is what comes out in a post, so I hope it makes some sense and is not offensive or scrambled. If it is, it is only because I am a work in progress. Love to all, In His Name.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"...a strong tower..." (Proverbs 18:10)

I never know what I am going to write beside each picture of the freebies I get due to the many coupons given to me for free each week. I just wait for the Lord to give me something. The manager was not very nice to me at all, even though the cashier tried his hardest to bypass her rules since he knew she was way out of line. But I maintained my integrity, I hope, and thanked the cashier for his help since he and I both knew that the manager was in a bad mood and simply assumed I was out to get the world with my coupons. She also was plain old wrong on some things, but that was the first time I have seen her in this store and the other two managers are VERY nice, so let's move on to what I think the Lord wanted me to mention with this post. :)

My son and I were building a tower out of the free Mac 'n cheese we got at the store (I had already distributed a lot of the Mac 'n cheese, yogurt, and cream cheese) when I started to sing, "The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and they are saved." At BSF this week, we were told to pay attention to the names of the Lord, or rather to circle the names of God when studying the Bible because it gives us eyes to see Him for who He really is. We see His character then. As I sang that song and my son looked at me, I realized I had to explain what the song meant, and I find it to be the most challenging, yet rewarding thing in my spiritual life to have to explain God to a three-year old. How many names for God did I REALLY know the meaning behind?

I know there is a joke that says, "Those who don't know teach." I never thought it was very funny as a teacher, but I shrugged it off when I soon realized in my math education courses that you don't really know something UNTIL you can teach it. I am learning more and more about the character of God by teaching my son, as well as the little ones at BSF, than when I kept the Word to myself or shared it with adults. So I guess I would say, if you want to really learn the Word of God, try teaching it to little children. Try explaining what it means that God is holy. Tell them what sin is. Talk about the definition of a promise and what it means to keep a promise.

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