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This blog is for showing the goods gotten for free (or really cheap) using coupons that were provided by friends and family. These goods are then distributed to people in our community to whom I feel God has called me to serve for one reason or another. I am not a writer of any sort, a super couponer, or a very good blogger. I am just a child of God trying to follow what I believe He has called me to do. Whatever God has put on my heart on a certain day is what comes out in a post, so I hope it makes some sense and is not offensive or scrambled. If it is, it is only because I am a work in progress. Love to all, In His Name.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quarreling, harsh words, and dislike of others should have no place in your lives. (Eph 4:31b)

When the 26 notebooks that I knew should be free rang up as around $10 on the cash register, my heart sank. There were two people in line behind me at Target and the poor cashier was already calling the manager over to ask how to do the tax exemption. I didn't want to hold anyone up in the line but $10 was a lot of money when I didn't intend to spend anything. When the manager approached, I leaned over and quietly asked why the price was so high. I looked back in line and apologized to the people behind me and they were so, so nice. The man directly behind me even joked about now having more time to read the cooking directions on his meal for that evening that lay on the conveyor belt. The manager began to help and I politely asked if there was a way to move to another register so we didn't hold up the line and she said, "Absolutely." She didn't roll her eyes. Neither did the cashier or the two people behind me in line. Sure enough, the bar code on the coupon was wrong and it was only taking off $0.50 per coupon instead of $1 per coupon like it was supposed to and the manager apologized to me. I thanked her for her time and patience and was so grateful for what could have been an unpleasant experience, as many retail experiences can be! From both perspectives, customer service is a VERY HARD place to maintain patience, but God tells us that "Quarreling, harsh words, and dislike of others should have no place in our lives." Those four people exercised such a pleasantness today that made reminded me of this and for that I am blessed and thankful. This may seem silly to many of you, but I shop at a lot of stores each week and a few cashiers and store managers here and there tend to think negatively of couponers. Did you know that stores make money off of coupons, though? Most stores make $0.08 off of each coupon used. I am helping the economy, and so are all of you when you donate or use your coupons! Plus, 26 notebooks got added to C4C today!

The deal: Five Star Notebooks on sale for $0.50 at Target
Use $1 off Any 2 Five Star Products from 8/8 Red Plum
I had 13 coupons so I got 26 free 90-page Wide-ruled notebooks.

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